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SL Fitness: Your Fitness, Nutrition, & Health Destination at The Starrett-Lehigh Building

SL Fitness Center
Hours of Operation: 
Monday – Friday, 7am-9pm

The Starrett-Lehigh Building, Floor 2M


Membership Information:
No application fee
No start-up fee
No yearly maintenance fee
*Ask your employer if your company offers an employee discount

Unlimited Class Membership
$85 per month

General Membership - Use of Gym Only
$60 per month

Day Pass - Use of Gym Only
$25 per day

*Members will be allowed to bring their own Nationally Certified Personal Trainer for a fee of $30 per session. Private Personal Training Insurance is required. 

Latest Fitness Center News:

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David Blumel, a Run Club pacer, shares his tips for avoiding the harmful effects of the sun while running outside HERE.

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Select yoga classes will be taught on the Starrett-Lehigh 10th Floor Terrace throughout the summer! Find the details HERE.

Classes Offered:
Spin and Sculpt: The best of both! Cardio spin with 10 min of sculpt and tone moves to make that summer body now!

Row Shred: Join us on the green for a mix of rowing and circuit training. Optimize your workout with calorie torching, minimal impact rowing and strength training/hiit circuits. You'll rev up that metabolism and continue to burn calories while you’re at your desk!

Pilates: A controlled system of exercises that engage the mind while conditioning the body. This balanced blend of controlled movements using bands, balls and other "toys" will strengthen and lengthen muscles, reduce stress, improve posture and tighten your core.

MMA Conditioning: Experience what it feels like to train for the ring or cage. By combining high intensity interval training with striking drills, members will know what it takes to endure and survive the onslaught of exercises meant to develop strength, stamina, power, and the will to fight, simultaneously.

Yoga: A smooth flowing series of poses and movements synchronized to the power of breathing.

Run Train Build: Sport specific cross training and running drills designed to help you become a faster, stronger, runner.

Total Body Conditioning: Full body strength training to raise your metabolism and improve your quality of life.

Cardio Kickboxing: Pack on a punch with an action packed workout with a combination of intense cardio and technical boxing movements. This class will increase your strength and endurance as well as create a nice toned look to your body.

Ab Blast: This class features an array of abdominal exercises designed to create and define a stronger core within you.

Functional Strength: This full body class, brings focus and mindfulness to fundamental form and strength exercises. Through body weight and weighted challenges, we will help create healthier and more real life function to our movement patterns, so we are stronger, less injury prone and supporting good posture.

Speed, Agility, Quickness: Cones, ladders, bands oh my! This high-energy class, uses body weight, band resistance, partner and team work to help create the most balanced, efficient, confident, speedy and athletic athlete in all of us. Whether you want to be a stronger runner, more agile for your softball league, or able to keep up with your kids in the park this class is accessible for all levels and experiences.

Pad Work/Boxing: This class focuses on the application of various techniques from both boxing and Muay Thai Kick boxing. You'll not only punch and kick for the sake of a great cardiovascular workout, you'll also get a full body resistance training session in from striking the pads; developing solid offensive and defensive techniques over time and also sharpen reflexes so that you not only have a great workout indoors, but can also better protect yourself outdoors.

Train Like an Athlete: Athletic Strength and Conditioning class that uses explosive, functional, and plyometric movements to improve your inner athlete.

Self Defense/Krav Maga: A physical training and self-defense class focused on providing ordinary civilians with solutions to avoid and/or end a violent encounter.

Bootcamp: Get a full body workout by going all out in this unique boot camp class where you will rotate through multiple work stations meant to challenge every major muscle group!

Preseason Conditioning: Preseason Conditioning are designed to improve the cardio vascular and cardio respiratory systems. They do so “through a variety of functional exercises executed at high intensity. These dynamic exercises will include but not be limited to battle ropes, kettlebells, TRX Suspension Trainers, medicine ball slams, and more! There will also be focus on core conditioning and flexibility.

*For Class Schedule and to Sign up for Classes, Click Here!


Questions or Comments:
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For membership inquires contact Fitness Center Manager Linette Guelen:


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About SL Fitness:
SL Fitness is a state of the art facility that provides quality health and fitness services to the entire Starrett-Lehigh community. Its goal is to help incorporate physical fitness and exercise – essential components of health and wellness – into members’ everyday life. SL Fitness offers several group fitness classes with topnotch instructors trained to give exercise modifications allowing members of all levels to be challenged appropriately. MMA, Total Body Conditioning, Pilates, and Yoga are just some of SL Fitness’ great offerings. Whether new to exercise or taking workouts to the next level, the SL Fitness staff is confident members will have the programs and fitness professionals to assist its members in reaching any and all fitness goals.